Holistic Therapies

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The following services may be scheduled individually or formulated as a wellness plan incorporating some or all of the following:

  • Akashic Record Readings – onsite or distance readings with recording
  • Energy Balancing using the methods of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Polarity, Shamanic Drumming and Journeying
  • Whole foods nutritional education
  • Weight Management support groups and individual consultations
  • Shamanic techniques of journeying, soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp (soul guide); home clearing of negative energies
  • Guided Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Home and facility on site visits

Group Classes:
I REIKI – Usui method

  • Reiki first degree – one day class $100 7 CE hours
  • Reiki second degree – two day class $195 12 CE hours
  • Reiki third degree practitioner – one day class after a guided mentorship with Janet $300 6 CE hours
  • Reiki third degree teacher – once an individual has achieved the Reiki third degree practitioner level, they are eligible to learn to be a teacher. One day class $250 7 CE hours

II THERAPEUTIC TOUCH – Krieger/ Kunz method

Therapeutic Touch Basic Level – two day 12 hour class $195 12 CE hours

Therapeutic Touch Intermediate Level – two day 14 hour class $225 14 CE hours

Monthly mentoring/study groups-second Sunday of the month- 1-4 pm 3 CE hours $10.

Complete mentoring available that qualifies the TT practitoner to become a Qualified Therapeutic Practioner QTTP through Therapeutic Touch International Associates, Inc. This program is available for the serious student ready and willing to commit to the TTIA guidelines. $50 per month for at least one year or until the requirements are met.

III Don’t Diet Live It

  • Conscious Eating/Conscious Living weight and life management support group –This 15 week educational and motivational program offers realistic techniques to better manage life and health issues. If you struggle with weight management, diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol or the stresses of life, this course provides a how-to-actually-do-it healing approach. Learn intuitive eating, healing at the cellular level, what drains and motivates you, principles of whole foods, portion control, self-care tools. $20/week with a 15-week commitment. Janet Goldenbogen-Self, RN,


  • Shamanic Journeying – series of 3 classes $175
    • 1st class – 4 hours
    • 2nd class - 2.5 hours
    • 3rd class - 2.5 hours


    • First class outline:
      • Introduction to shamanism; why the drum; what is sage clearing
      • Journey to the Lower World
      • Meet your power animal guide


    • Second class outline
      • Journey to upper world
      • Meet your spirit guide


    • Third class outline
      • Journey to the middle world
      • Find task specific animal
      • Address journey/shamanism questions and concerns



You are eligible to take this class if you have completed the above 3 part shamanic journeying program and at least one level of a bodywork method. $75


Advanced shamanic course work is available when students and teacher are ready to proceed further, e.g. soul retrieval, extractions, psychopomp (soul guide) techniques.


Akashic Records – learn the history, theory and practice of
the Akashic Records $225

Two 6 hour class days
1st day - History, principles, theory, techniques for reading the Akashic records; experience  pathways to your Book of Life

2nd day - -  All time allotted to reading class members records; with teacher feedback; how to read records from a distance and by phone.


You will be asked to read at least 10 records, take notes, journal questions and personal experiences. Six weeks later we'll meet for 4 hours to share experiences and have a Q & A period with class and teacher.







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