Holistic Therapies

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The following services may be scheduled individually or formulated as a wellness plan incorporating some or all of the following:

  • Akashic Record Readings – onsite or phone readings with recording
  • Energy Balancing using any or all methods of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Polarity, Shamanic Drumming and Journeying, per clients’ choice
  • Whole foods nutritional education
  • Weight Management individual consultations; includes emotions of eating
  • Shamanic techniques of journeying, soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp (soul guide); home clearing of negative energies
  • Guided Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Hospice visits providing Reiki and Therapeutic Touch for client and caretakers
  • Home and facility on site visits

Group Classes:
I REIKI – Usui method

  • Reiki first degree – one day class $100 7 CE hours
  • Reiki second degree – two day class $195 12 CE hours
  • Reiki third degree practitioner – one day class after a guided mentorship with Janet $300 6 CE hours for LMP’s
  • Reiki third degree teacher – once an individual has achieved the Reiki third degree practitioner level, they are eligible to learn to be a teacher; two day class $250 9 CE hours for LMP’s

II THERAPEUTIC TOUCH – Krieger/ Kunz method

Therapeutic Touch Basic Foundation Level – two day 12 hour class $195 12 CE hours through AHNA for nurses and many other health care providers

Therapeutic Touch Transpersonal Intermediate Level – two day 14 hour class $225 14 CE hours - through AHNA for nurses and many other health care providers

Therapeutic Touch Advanced Level – 16 CE hours through AHNA for nurses and many other health care providers

Complete mentoring available that qualifies the TT practitioner to become a Qualified Therapeutic Practitioner QTTP through Therapeutic Touch International Associates, Inc. This program is available for the serious student ready and willing to commit to the TTIA guidelines. $50 per month for at least one year or until the requirements are met.


  • Shamanic Journeying – series of 2 classes $165
    • 1st class – 5 hours
    • 2nd class – 5 hours

Outline First Class Outline:

  • Introduction to shamanism; why the drum; what is smudging and how to do it
  • Journey to the Lower World
  • Meet your power animal guide

Second class outline

  • Journey to upper world
  • Meet your spirit guide
  • Journey to the middle world using your own personal intention
  • Find task specific animal and the reason to find one
  • journey/shamanism questions and concerns

VI SHAMANIC TECHNIQUES WITH REIKI and other energy balancing techniques – 5 hours. $75

You are eligible to take this class if you have completed the above 3 part shamanic journeying program and at least one level of a bodywork method.


Soul retrieval, extractions, psychopomp (soul guide) techniques. (See SCHOOL tab for upcoming classes)


Akashic Records – learn the history, theory and practice of the Akashic Records $200

Three 5 hour class days
1st day - History, principles, theory, techniques for reading the Akashic records; experience pathways to your Book of Life

2nd day - All time allotted to reading class members records; with teacher feedback; how to read records from a distance and by phone.

You will be asked to read at least 10 records, take notes, journal questions and personal experiences

3rd day – About six weeks later, or agreed upon date we’ll meet to share experiences,and have a Q & A period. We will read our own record and each other’s records after our discussion, using what we’ve learned and additional information I will have to give you that day.






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