Whole Foods As Energy Medicine

By Janet Goldenbogen –Self, RN RC

Food is a substance whose purpose is to provide an organism with essential nutrients needed to energize necessary life processes. Energy Medicine is a system of natural health techniques utilized to provide an organism with an adequate flow of chi energy. Organic whole foods are abundant with chi. Let’s explore these concepts and how they equate to healing.

Think of a beautiful, intricately woven tapestry where the particular threads and design have been carefully chosen and planned. Each color, texture and pattern has brought its own individual energy to the whole. You, as a human organism are the tapestry. Whole foods and other energy medicine techniques e.g. flower essence therapy, hands-on-healing, homeopathics, acupuncture, herbs, aromatherapy, gemstones, music, creative and performance arts, yoga/meditation/breathing are the energetic threads of this tapestry which is the healthy, balanced human organism.

Obesity and other diseases of excess or deficiency such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart disease are prime examples of poor nutrition and inadequate chi flow. The excesses are dead, processed, refined foods along with a hurried, over-busy, unfocused lifestyle. The concept of “right relationship with oneself and the universe” gets lost in the muddle of this type of lifestyle. Irritability, fatigue, frustration with life and eventual cellular degeneration ensue. Discordant fibers begin to infiltrate the carefully designed tapestry .

Food sensitivities run rampant in many diseases of excess. The cells become resistant to dead foods for nutrition and the immune system mounts a hyper attack against them This attack process creates mayhem in the flow of chi. Blocks and deficiencies of energy occur. The hardships and traumas of life no longer are carried out of the cells by the flow of chi through the meridians. They now become locked as memories in the cells and cause physical pain, a wide array of physical and emotional symptoms, resentments and chronic conditions. There is a way out of this blocked chi state. There is a way to avoid the frayed fibers of your tapestry or to repair the already damaged ones.

Food that is grown organically and by loving, conscious farmers who care about the individual and the planet nourishes the body on a cellular level. Tiny cellular organelles that need whole, healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals “hunger” for a daily supply of these nutrients to carry out their life functions. In addition to the nutrients, cells need the chi energy of the plants to maintain a proper flow of this life giving force throughout their own energy meridians. For non vegetarians, animals that are cared for in a loving manner, allowed to roam free and eat organic feed will pass their life-giving nutrients and “happy life -chi” on to the beings that consume them. The fibers of the tapestry will thrive and mature into an opulence of health.


Reflect upon this idea….The organic shopping is complete ,you’re hungry and it’s time to cook dinner. To cook with whole foods is just like planning and weaving the tapestry. Picking the appropriate proteins, carbohydrates, fats, a variety of colors and textures, tastes, seasonings, proper cooking utensils and doing all of this in an attitude of nurturing will create a dish that will fill you. Not only will it fill your empty stomach, but will satisfy you on so many levels that are left empty when filled with dead, packaged and preserved food.

Try it. Take an evening, set aside the time to cook whole grains, legumes, vegetables, free range meats or fresh/flash- frozen fish. Put on your favorite music, chop the vegetables with patience and pleasure. Light the candles and notice how you feel as you eat this carefully grown, planned and cooked food. The satisfaction is on such a deep depth of being that the inner contentment and fulfillment will be hard to ignore.

On a personal level, it was whole foods and energy medicine that brought me out of the depths of spiraling chronic disease degeneration. Removing myself from the lifestyle of excess into one of flowing chi has allowed me to heal. There are still threads that are slight askew, but the reparative nature of whole foods and energy medicine has provided a strong restructuring to these once frayed and almost broken fibers.
Whole foods nutrition is the core of health. Macrobiotics and Ayurvedic Medicine view food as medicine. Medications, nutritional supplements do have their place and are often needed to help repair those frayed threads. For me, I have learned through much trial and error and experimentation that it is the whole foods, the focused lifestyle that follows my bliss and a steady flow of chi with whole foods and hands on healing that create the inner balance of Yin and Yang.

Try it….You’ll like it!

Janet Goldenbogen-Self, is a Registered Nurse located in Port Townsend, WA. She guides clients towards balance by teaching whole foods nutrition, providing the teaching and practice of hands-on-healing using Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Polarity. In addition, she adds Shamanic ritual healing techniques to heal the spirit and soul. Release of excesses at a cellular level are her specialty. Individual consultations are available by appointment. Group classes are scheduled throughout the year on the subjects of “Conscious Eating,” “Empowerment through Self Care,” Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.. 360-379-8134.

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