What Is an Akashic Reading

The Akasha is a Sanskrit (Hindu) word that means “that out of which all things are formed”, originating in Tibet around 7500 BCE.
The energy of the Akasha that connects all that is holds a Book of Life for all souls. Each book is specific for an individual, an animal, and plant. The book contains each soul’s information from all lives. Even if a person does not believe in reincarnation, they still have a Book for the life they are in
An individual trained in how to read these records learns a pathway to access a specific soul’s book

If an individual is not able to come to my office in person, I can still read their records. During Covid time you must wear a mask.

Over the phone I will use a speaker phone and put a recorder next to the phone.

With zoom I will record on my recorder. If you have a voice recorder or one on your phone, you’re welcome to use it. If you don’t have that app, you can download one onto your phone either from the google playstore if you have an Android or by google if you have an iPhone.

I can also make you a CD and mail it or use transfer software to email you a link for you to download the reading onto your computer and read it if you prefer.

First, I will ask your full legal name and, if a married female, your maiden name also. If you have a nickname that you prefer to be named, add that also.

I will then get quiet, use your name and wait until my inner vision shows me your book. At this point I will say “the Records are now open” and ask you to state your name and begin to tell the story of why you are there and what information you hope to gain. The information comes in with the vibration of your name and voice.

I will help you with how to state your questions in the format of How, What, or Why. Information comes to me through inner visions, messages and a variety of other ways that are different for each record reading.

The records close when the energy of the Akasha senses you have been given the information you need for your questions.

At the time of the reading, I will answer any questions you may still have as to what occurs in a reading.

Janet Goldenbogen-Self, RN
Holistic Health Practitioner
Holistic Therapies, Inc.
Port Townsend, WA


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